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Good Neighbours Team

The Manchester Student Homes Good Neighbours Team works closely with local residents’ associations and long standing community groups to get them working with students in their local area. We also help find solutions to potential issues raised by students living in their local community when and if they arise.

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Good Neighbours Team within Manchester Student Homes meets with colleagues from across the Universities, Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police to review incidents relating to student activity and we will shape our response to off campus management and communications in line with emerging issues.

You have our full commitment that we are doing all we can to respond in a timely and effective manner to any concerns raised, as well as supporting students in their off campus experience.

If you would like to see an overview of the targeted work we are doing at this time please see our Off Campus Management Plans here.

Halls 2 Home

Halls 2 Home is an internationally recognised campaign run by the Good Neighbours Team at Manchester Student Homes. The Good Neighbours Team (GNT) is comprised of the Off Campus Student Affairs Officer, Community Cohesion Interns from the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University, and Student Advisors. GNT works closely with partnership agencies such as Manchester City Council, Greater Manchester Police and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Services in running Halls 2 Home. These partners are crucial to the implementation and management of the project.

Halls 2 Home has been developed over the past five academic years into an established programme of events, educational awareness campaigns, and volunteering opportunities. The direction of Halls 2 Home continues to be shaped by best practice shared by national and international colleagues through the United Kingdom Town and Gown Association (UKTGA) and the International Town and Gown Association (ITGA).


  • Develop an awareness of the local community among students in Halls of Residence
  • Educate students of their responsibilities while living as part of the local community
  • Highlight the practical steps in becoming a good neighbour via education and campaigns
  • Engage and facilitate student involvement in local community groups and activities
  • Establish a programme of initiatives supporting student engagement with local residents
  • Support students transition from on-campus to off-campus accommodation


  • Promote and facilitate the positive impact of students and the universities
  • Highlight the objects and achievements of the universities to community members
  • Respond to challenges and issues surrounding students in the community

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